So, the first teaser for Black Panther was outstanding. This second still manages to blow it out of the water.

Feast your eyes:

Oh my god, this movie can’t come soon enough. There is so much to gush over here. The production design looks absolutely amazing. This is diving head first into crazy Afrofuturism awesomeness. I love it. Black Panther seriously may end up being the most stylish MCU film to date.

There’s something about Black Panther that looks so much more visually cohesive than anything else in Marvel’s catalog. Wakanda just oozes with life and culture, I can’t wait to fully engross myself in the finished film.

Black Panther was one of the standout characters in Captain America: Civil War, due in no small part to Chadwick Boseman’s stellar performances. The marketing for Black Panther has focused on the struggle of T’Challa balancing being a good person, a good superhero, and a good king. I can’t wait to see Boseman fully delve into that, it’s so dramatically rich.

Ryan Coogler looks like he has crafted something special with Black Panther, and I’m totally here for it. The revolution hits theaters February 16th. Mark your calendars.

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