Well, it looks like the marketing campaign for Avengers: Infinity War has officially begun. The Russo bros. have begun a countdown to tomorrow on Instagram, Mark Ruffalo and Elizabeth Olsen have teased something big is coming, and now, we have official confirmation that the first trailer for the film is coming.

That confirmation comes in the odd form of a montage of reaction videos to previous Marvel trailers. It’s an odd way to kick off a marketing campaign, but at this point, Marvel has earned the right to do whatever the fuck they want. They know we are all going to watch this thing.

Here’s the announcement video:

Along with the trailer tease, Marvel dropped a new slick poster for the film, in the same vein as their previous Avengers posters. Check it out:


It’s the beginning of the end folks. Infinity War is almost upon us. Like you, I have no idea how Marvel will manage to pull of an epic finale ten years in the making, starring approximately 10,000 superheroes, but damn it I am excited to see them try. See you guys tomorrow. I’m sure the internet will explode.

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