In what is probably the least surprising news of 2017, Netflix has officially given the Duffer Brothers the go-ahead for Stranger Things Season 3. All your faves who survived are expected to return, and the Duffers will once again write and direct the show. That’s all we really know.

Opinions across the web seem to be fairly mixed on the show’s second season, from love, to hate, to “meh”. I myself place myself firmly on the “love” side of the spectrum. While the pacing and plotting may have been a little uneven compared to the first season, it was still equally enjoyable and as dramatically satisfying. I’m really looking forward to where whatever nightmarish hell the Duffers have in store for the citizens of Hawkins.

What new type of Demogorgon will see next? Has Will truly broken free from the influence of the upside down? Will we get another amazing dance scene from Hopper? How much lovable will Steve and his Babysitter’s Club become? I look forward to having all of these questions answered.

What about you guys? You game for Stranger Things 3? How did you feel about the second season? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. I wish the second season was tied more into the first, like if they had already begun to lay the groundwork for the main plot line of the second season. I mean, I guess they did with Will and the baby demagorgon, but something felt disconnected between them for me. Maybe I was just looking for disconnect though because I heard before I watched season two that season two was originally meant to follow different characters. idk, man.


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